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Selected projects



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I’m a designer with 4+years of experience in the commercial design field, focused on shaping digital product experience. I've made many 0-1 projects, boosting experience and business.


I use design as a medium to interact with this real world, observing and giving feedbacks. Through my academic experience and career path, I'm always passionate about creating and iterating.

< 🛠️Engineering>

Thinking by making. Engineering is the path that could realize my design and vision. Therefore, I learnt to code such as HTML, Python and other creative coding.


Design is not only about solving problems, but also raising the public awareness. I use future thinking and speculative design methodology to invoke discussion about the real world and society.

@ 2024 Qifan Zhao

@ 2024 Qifan Zhao

@ 2024 Qifan Zhao